Webinar: Create a brand your customers will fall in love with

Event Date: 16 September 2021
Event Time: 10AM

Free Webinar – Business Connect (120minutes duration)
Location: ONLINE
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In the same manner that our individual personalities define us, your brand personality defines your business to the outside world. It’s everything that represents you, everything that you’re known and appreciated for. In this keynote, I’ll take you through my top ten essentials for creating a brand that your customers really will fall for.

• Learn exactly what branding is (starting with it not being just a logo)
• Understand the concept of Brand Personalities and learn how it will add value to both your brand and your overall marketing strategy
• Learn how to position essential brand elements, including:
– Brand story
– Brand voice (language and tone)
– Logo and collateral
– Brand culture
– Brand experience
• Learn the tricks to completely owning your area of expertise
• Understand how to build a strong brand culture, and
• Gain insider tips on creating a memorable brand experience (and hear about how an international company totally rocked my world 5 years ago – and why I’ve told thousands of people since).

Presenter: Debbie O’Conner is a brand strategist by profession and graphic designer by trade, author of a children’s book and active entrepreneur. She is the founder of multi award winning creative studio White River Design (WRD). She is the branding expert on the Build My Brand 12 part series, the creator of online branding program Brand Magic® Masterclass and the Brand Personalities system. Debbie also set up and runs The Creative Fringe, Western Sydney’s most inspiring co-working space.

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